Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I have a secret!

well to update you on the property hunt, We put another offer in on the Harrogate property about 35k higher than the first offer but they still turned it down. I think that this is not the right house - it feels like we are trying to force it to be the one now and it still isn't happening.

We have looked at a few other properties but Ian felt like they were to far for him to comute.

I thought Iwould let you in on a secret. We have decided to put our house on the market and this will open up the price range we can look at. Well the day after we made that decision I found a property that looked like it could be workable. I rang the agent to find out when they were having an open inspection and we were up there looking at the property 1 1/2hours later.

The house is only 40 minutes from the city, and only about 7-10 years old and has many options for bedrooms. To say it has sheds apleanty is and understatement. I thought Ian was going to roll over and die right there and then in the bliss of the sheds. The water set up is great, It has 13 acres - all usable acres! There is a lovely little sunroom which I could see myself spending a lot of time in. The school is about 2 minutes around the corner by car (I reckon in a year or 2 they could actually walk - there is a track that cuts through!). The town has a Church of Christ which would could look into joining - most of the churches up in the Adelaide hills are Lutherans or Catholic - lovely but not really us! I am going back up tomorrow to take some picies and to show it to the parents. Both Ian and I got in the car after looking at the property and said at the same time - Yep I would sell our house and move here!

We have spoken to our Loan guy and some real estate agents and things look like they could work so on Saturday Ian and I are going to the real estate offices and hopefully we will putting an offer in, The real estate agent has subtely hinted our offer would be accepted. Now we just need to get what we want for this house!

Fingers Crossed, keep you updated!