Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the Slacker update!

I admit it I have been extremely slack this year.  Have decided that I will make an effort to keep my blog updated from now on (anyone laying bets on howlong this will last, he he). 

OK so best I update a bit cause there has been lots going on. 

In December a fox came through and just about wiped out all our chickens and ducks, was left with only 3 of the original ilsa browns and my little baby chicks.  My adopted baby sis (who you hear lots about through out the blog), Dee came to the rescue and gave me some more Sussex, 2 girls and a boy, along with a Barnevelder Rooster for the Ilsa Browns and a set of Lanshans,  Her dad also gave me a whole lot of little english game hens that are just for cuteness really but have started giving me very cute little white eggs.

January was a lovely time in Pt Turton with Dee and her Family,  lots of fun with 10 kids, the beach and 2 caravan's.  Dee and I had the kids organised down to a fine art so we had lots of time for spinning and knitting together.  We came home to our first ever case of Flystrike and lost one of our sheep Mercy - a grey corridale.  she was fairly far gone and Im not sure if the flystrike got her or the attempts of us trying to clean it out. The whole thing was horrendous, it was the first of our animals that we lost (not counting babies that didnt make it along the way).
Mercy Fly strike aMercy Fly strike d
We also got some new sheep -  A coloured merino ram - Hercules, a black corridale ewe - Tinkerbell, a grey corridale Pebbles and a Merino ewe - Smurfette.  When we bought her home and had a good look at her she isnt quiet right, she is very small, and has bent front legs and very odd set in eyes, so that will teach me to look at my sheep properly and not just the wool.  D and a new goat named Billy.
Hercules The Ram July  Tinkerbell June c  pebbles june  smurfette june Billy The Goat

I also went over to Dees in May and learnt to kill chickens with Dee, even got a couple of kids invovled, Kie didnt mind but David thought the whole thing was just a bit icky.
P5200076  P5200082  P5200080  P5200098  P5200086

Somewhere in there we put the ram Honor in with the Patience, Hope (the B/L's) Honesty and Purity (The Corridales) and Chastity (the Merino).

I finished the Swing Top/Dress for Tycarni, A neck warmer, made from handspun wool from our merino sheep Cuttlett, for Kenishia.  Socks for Dave, and few other things.


I made a dress, shrug, booties and beanie for my cousin's new baby out of some handspun and some recycled yarn

Started these for myself

 ok so thats a snippett of the knitting/spinning. 

well thats about it for now, the comming posts will be all about gardening and the new garden and orchard that we have going in and babies with lambing upon us.. I will try and be good and keep it updated with all the fun stuff and some tidbits that we find helpful in our road hear at our little farm