Thursday, September 22, 2011

Another Month went by!!!!

OK so my good intentions of weekly posts fell straight in a hole, I blinked and a month went by.

It has been very busy.  I have been setting up the garden,  From this  blank canvas, we have planted 14 fruit trees, and put in 5 garden beds (more are in the making) set up the potato area.  I still have lots of grass to kill off but the rain just wont go away.

I have also started the plants for the garden off in seedlings.  The pots I make up from this website.  I make them up every year (although every year I have to go hunting for a link on how to make them, ha ha). And thanks to Dee finding on ebay for me I have lovely little green houses for them to start in.
 Ok so do you want the list of what I have in seedlings.......

Beets Baby
Cabbage Cabeza red
Cabbage Golden Acre
Capsicum California Wonder
Capsicum Giant Bell
Capsicum Golden Calwonder
Capsicum Golden Calwonder
Chilli Hungarian Hot wax
Chilli Jalapeno
Eggplant Black Beauty
Leek carentan2
Lettuce Lolla Rossa
Lettuce Marvel of 4 seasons
Lettuce Salad Bowl Green
Lettuce Salad Bowl Red
Lettuce Gwenda White
Lettuce Salad Bowl Green
Lettuce Salad Bowl Red
Lettuce Great Lakes
Lettuce Lollo Rossa
Lettuce Marvel of 4 seasons
Melon Haled Best
Passion Fruit Black
Rocket Perenial
Silver Beet Colour Mix
Silver Beet Colour Mix
Tomatillo Purple
Tomato Cherry Fox
Tomato Roma
Tomato Roma San Marzano
Tomato Roma San Marzano
Tomato Cherry Camp Joy
Tomato Cherry Pear Yellow
Tomato Cherry Pear Yellow
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato St Pierre
Tomato Grosse Lisse
Tomato Green Zebra
Tomato Black Krim
Tomato Cherry Red Pear
Tomato Black Russian
Watermelon  Sugarbaby
Watermelon  Moon & stars
potatoes Colliban
potatoes desiree
potatoes pontiac
potatoes Sebago
Bean Bush Provider
Bean Bush Roc D'or
Bean Bush Strike
Bean Climbing Blue Lake
Bean Climbing Purple King
Corn sweet Terrific F1
Cucumber Burpless F1
pea early Grop Massey
Pea Purple Podded
Pea Snow oregon Dwarf
peas Greenfeast

its gonna be tasty.  anything listed exactly the same twice is because the seeds are in 2 batches on from this year and some old seed I had.

Ok so thats the Gardening, onto sheep.  we had lots of lambs this year,   from 5 ewes we got 10 lambs (yes 5 sets of twins) and not one coloured but i wasnt really expecting any.  We lost on to a fox and one to the cold and one is a little bit hmmmmm shall we say royal.

 Honesty's Babies, Fred and Wilma, They are B/L x Corridale. Fred died when he got out of the night pen and got to cold

Purity's Babies, Stitch and Lilo (boy and Girl), They are B/L x Corridale.

 Then Chastity had Betty and Veronica, B/L x Merino

Then came Hope's babies, Lady and Tramp (Girl and Boy) which are pur B/L (Border Leicester)  Hope has also been a bit of a legend as she has picked up feeding and caring for one of Chastity's girls as well.  Chastity is only dealing with one.

And last but not least is Patience's boys, Archie and Jughead who are pure Border Leicester's as well.  Unfortunately Archie got taken by a fox the first night and Jughead is a bit well special as you can see.

We have all done the shearing or rather I should say my friend (and Dee's Hubby) Paul did it for us.  We also managed to set up the shed as well.

This is the legendary Paul with Tinkerbell!

And just to finish off I also turned 40!  I got spoilt a bit, I got all my fruit trees, a stack of Amish books, a champagne glass (just for me), some preserving equipment (for all the fruit and veggies that I will have) and an incubator so I can grow lots of chickens for eating - yum.  Im sure that will fill up more posts lol.  Well I think that is it.  Next month i must update my knitting lol