Friday, February 5, 2010

Update, Might have a property!

It has been a while since I have posted. I promise I will try to be better once we get a property - I will have something to write about then. Well the Harrogate property is not a goer. But we have found another property. We had a look at it, put an offer in but the owner tried to up us by 10k, we walked away. Well over chrissie we were fairly busy, but whilst on holidays we notice the property was listed with another realtor for a lower price than our original offer. We were going to look into it once we got back from holidays.

Well all of a sudden we have a contract on the property subject to the sale of our house. I have 2 week to get the house ready for the first open inspection and 6 weeks till auction day! Ian is away for the next 3 weeks which means I have a big job ahead of me. The house has to be declutter, repainted and presented at its best whilst living in it with my 5 little mess-pots!

Fingers Crossed - now about the house

Well the house has 3 bedrooms but a big undermain roof garage that we are going to make into 2 rooms and a sitting area for the boys. There is also a teenage retreat that we are going to do up for our oldest daughter. I finally get a lovely little sitting room as well as a craft room, the 2 little girls get their own rooms too! The property has 13 acres, sheds coming out the wazoo, a dam and only 3 minutes to the local school. There is a cat house for our 2 little baby chrissie presents - pip and pop. Also a dog cage for our pending new family members, The property is also located amoungst lots of horse trails so Ian is having an uphill battle trying convince the rest of the family not to get a horse. The property has also been used for both sheep and cattle in the past so it si set up for us to have some of each. There is also a chook house and an old milk shed which is a very cut little building.

Pretty much every thing we wanted in a property is there, and depending on what we sell our current house for we probably will be able to put in the pool we want.
I will keep you updated!