Monday, June 14, 2010

A Long Weekend

Well we have had a lovely Queens birthday longweekend.  We spent Saturday pottering around making decisions about what to do with our fences and which ones to do first.  I then spent the afternoon engaging in some ehausting work as you can see from my photo below.

This is a Steppe Ahead Jumper for Akielah, I have used this pattern before for PJ's Farm Play Jumper.  Only the sleeves to go now, and of course for such serious hard work you need a cuppa and chochie!

Sunday Brought with it birthday celebrations for my baby boy, PJ, who has now turned 9. We had a family lunch with us and both sets of Grandparents. PJ asked for a sheep for his present and a lovely neighbour has sold us a lovely natured ewe a few years old. We need to sort the fences out before he will be on the property but PJ did get to walk across the road to met her (her name is pricilla but PJ is thinking about changing it). When she arrives I will get you some picies to see and some more details about her. We had a lovely afternoon with good food, wine and family visiting, the kids spent the afternoon playing with their grandparents and dogs down in the paddock.

Monday as brought with it a day of jobs, we started taking down a wrought iron fence at the end of the pergola that we aren't sure why its there and it blocks the view of the property, so down it needs to come. Of course what seemed like a job that would be just a matter of undoing a lot of bolts hit a snag when we realised that the tap in one section has the pipe on one side the goes through the fence and there is the tap on the other side. So now we had to do some plumbing work too!. We did manage to get 1 section of the fence down and the tap is now all sorted, so the other section will be done some other time.

We also have been procrasting about emptying our concrete water tank for cleaning, which was full but the water was dirty. Ian thinks its about a 40000 litre tank, It is definately more than double the size of the 2 big tanks that service the house. Its one of those jobs that you know needs to be done - but wasting all that water just goes againts the grain. Well we pulled the plug today and lett the tank drain out into the paddock, at least the paddock will get a good water and grow some lovely pasture for the animals.This kids had a great time chasing the water all over the paddock to see where it was running too (little blighters wouldn't stand still for me to get a picture of them chasing water). 

So this brings us to the close of a lovely weekend. 
Hope you had a lovely one too
Catch ya next time


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