Wednesday, May 5, 2010

We are here!

Well the move is done - we are officially here - unpacking not so much done :-( . It is sort of surreal being here.
We have been busy though, lots of walks, visitors, walks, unpacking, and more walks.  You just can't help yourself you just want to wander around all the time and there is so many things to explore.
We have picked up our beutiful boys (border collies) from the Johnsons.  They are georgeous and very good.  They hardly bark or anything.  They love to go for walks with us but are still on the chains or in their cages (at night) until we can work out the best way to let them run free and not have to worry about them running off or getting to the neighbours animals (That wouldn't be a good way to meet the neighbours) so here are some picies of our beutiful boys
Heys and Spud

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