Friday, July 9, 2010


Ok life has been exciting to say the least since our last post.  It started of with Akielah finally learning to ride her bike (only took us 3-4 years to teach her how to do it).  Now I'm not so sure it was a good idea.  4 days after having her training wheels taken off she has turned into extreme sports rider, speed racing down the driveway, testing the very steep bumpy paddock hill for bike suitability, and now riding off the garden area off the 4 steps to see if she can land the bike with out falling off!

Ian also finished the first paddock fencing so now we officially have a paddock.  And he has been off to Sheep School too!  We will be mini farmers yet! 

We also got a PIC number (property identification code) so we are really doing the farm thing now.  We also decided on a name for the Farm - Magarmhey - you will get browny points for working out why (unless I have already told you of course).  So with the these things finally done, and now look what we bought yesterday!

They are Border Leicester Sheep, and hopefully they are pregnant due in late july - mid august.  Hopefully we will have some very cute additions to the family soon.  We have decided to name them Patience and Hope -  Well that is the general consensus at the moment could change over the next day.  We got them from a lovely man at Inverbrackie Border Leicester Stud.  He also blessed me with 4, yes, count them 4, alpaca fleeces, so I am sure you will be seeing/hearing more about them soon.

I have also been knitting again as usual,   The yarn I spun up last post is now this Beret (sorry the link is only in Ravelry) but its lovely to Knit and even warmer to wear.

I have also spun up some beutiful Alpaca roving into this lovely yarn, it is really soft and squishy - I could just roll around in it.

As you can see busy, busy, busy.  Catch you later


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