Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spring Is Here

Yes spring has begun and this month has been all about the knitting.  I have finished and started quiet a lot of projects lately and have been buying wool like a made woman. hmm where to begin, OK I made this top for Nish,                                                   and this vest jacket (with a few modifications)

PJ Scored a vest (sorry no online link to pattern).  I actually did this as a knit along with my farmer friend DJ. I found this really annoying to knit and don't particulary like it cause its just too busy and like an explosion in a jam factory, but he loves it and I have trouble getting it off him to wash, which does make me feel good about knitting it.

DJ and I have also started this for our girls and this vest for our baby boys (sorry need ravelry to access this link).  I am also knitting a tee for Nish and a dress/top for Tay.  So yes knitting has been busy. 

Ian was also concerned about the growths on my trees as you can see in these photos.

 Yes they are lovely skeins of recycled yarn.  I went for a little trip to my farmer friends and she took me to a local second hand shop that does recycled yarn.  I went a bit nuts, I think I worked out there is about 70 x 50gm balls of yarn I bought. I will definatley need to do some more knitting. the yarn stash is getting a bit out of control now, I have officially run out of space in the workshop to put it.

On the farm, we also have a new sheep, her name is Cutlett and is a White Merino, so we are now up to 9 sheep in a vast aray of colours.  We also had a first shearing.  I have kept the fleeces but not sure that they will be spinable as they are all a bit short.  they sheep were shorn at all different times and were all under a year ago, but to get them into the right time for here and all at the same time I had to bite the bullet and just do it.  here's some picies.

Chastity - Black Merino
lovely black smooshy goodness

Naked Sheep
6 adult fleeces & 2 lamb fleeces
So now my lovelies are all immunised, drenched, shorn and tagged, so they now get to spend 6 months just eating and growing me lovely wool.

We have also taken Myrtle (one of our sussex chickens) and put her seperate with 11 eggs to see if she will sit and hatch some chickens for us - now we just wait. 

The grass around here is getting a bit out of control and we have yet to buy a tractor or ride on mower.  So I took to the patch were I want my veggie garden to be with a whiper snipper,  yeah not something I would like to do regularly, I am only about 1/2 way through and I have had enough already.

Well thats about it for now, next I plan to work on our putting in our veggie patch and orchard, so we shall see how that goes. 
Catch you later

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