Sunday, November 28, 2010

Spring bought me lots of lovely gifts!

So we have been busy as usually.  My lovely 2 sussex hens have been dutifully sitting on some eggs.  Myrtle and Gyrtle have delivered me 5 lovely baby chicks and have decided to sit again for me.  I think we have 3 sussex chicks and 2 Sussex X Ilsa Brown chick.  Aren't they just gorgeous!

Sussex X Ilsa Brown (we think)
Sussex X Ilsa Brown

our 3 Sussex chicks
We also have some new ducks,  A friend  had them but her exhisting duck did not take well to the new ones so they now have a home here. They are Indian Runner Ducks (you know the ones, they stand upright, the movie Babe had them)  We haven't named them yet but I'm thinking Duck, Duck and Duck!  I know its silly but when ever I walk out there the first thing I say is Duck, Duck Duck!  They seem to be changing colours nearly every day so we shall see how they turn out when they get their adult feathers.  They are cute but you wouldn't believe how messy they are,   I think my kids and chickens together are cleaner than these things.

Duck, Duck and Duck!
I also went out the a spinning equipment market at Littlehampton this month too.  It was my Dear Hubby and my 15th wedding anniversary and he wasn't here so what else do you do but shop.  I have been eyeing off the squirrel cage swift for a long time but couldn't justify the money for it, well I spend my b'day money I had been saving on getting it.  and I am so glad I did, no more bribing someone to hold the skein while I ball it up and followed by the inevitable knots and yelling, and it is as smooth as silk.  I also unexpectedly got a new wheel ( I know I already have 2 ashfords which I love).  She is a second hand Ron Dooley wheel ( I lovely old man here in the hills that makes wheels and lots of other wood things)  it is lovely and compact for me to travel with and spins like nothing else I have ever spun on,  My spinning improved just using it.  I made a beanie  (using my pattern but used a beginning st of 5 not 4) out of some lovely kathys fibres roving, it is 21.5 micron merino, so it is just so soft.

Squirrel Cage Swift                                                                  New Wheel

Kathy's Fibre Roving

Navajo Plied Yarn

Nish's Beanie

Hmm what else. oh I started the beginning of my veggie patch, I planted just some basics.  It's not the veggie patch I want but that is going to take longer that expected whilst we sort out other things around the property. So for now its a start,  I figured I would just keep expanding it until its the layout I want.  at the moment it is just 1 little lonely bed in a paddock.

The layout of my 1 little bed

see the very lonely little bed!

 The other thing I love about our first spring here is not knowing what is popping up in the garden.  The gardens here had been started and even though its a bit different from what I would have done there is lots of flowers.  It had been let go for a few years though and there is lots of work to be done but every where you look there are beautiful flowers of all shades coming up.  There is also some exhisting fruit scattered around the place so I thought I would share some with you - got to share the beauty!

Exhisting Passion fruit Vine

the flowers on the passion fruit vine

No idea what it its but its pretty and pink!

I love this one for the changing colours in the flowers

This is a type of rose, it starts out Pink and as it ages fades to white.
It grows like the clappers and is a pretty way to hide the Bio-cycle
  Well this has been a long post so better wind it up.  If I don't make it back before Christmas, I hope you all stay safe and enjoy this celebration of our lords birth.  Don't forget in all the chaos to love one another and enjoy.

Catchya later


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  1. The pretty pink flowers are a relative of the common Geranium, so they will grow by piece for you! They are called 'Pelargoniums'. They come in lots of lovely colours.