Monday, October 31, 2011

With Spring Comes Work!

As much as I have been sooo looking forward to spring, I had forgotten that it also brings more work.  Have you ever noticed that when you open the windows to let the air and light in after a cold winter that when you look around there seems to be lots of cleaning to be done.  Yes you have been doing your normal weekly cleaning jobs, but now with that spring light coming through the window that cupboard door seems to be a dirty shade of cream, there are thousands of finger (and lip  - Kie was giving her self kisses lol) prints on the mirror, and lets not even mention the cob webs.  So I have had these things staring at me all week this week but with the boys bedrooms still being built and everything they own being stashed throughout the house I hadn't had a chance.  Well there rooms are 90% done (just the bricking in of the windows on the outside to be done now) so we moved them in.  That was a job seriously I think they have too many toys and little bitsy ones at that.

With Spring Cleaning in mind I thought it was about time to share with you the Jiff Cleaner recipe I use.  I use it to clean all the sinks, bath, vanity areas and the toilets.  We are on a bio cycle for sewage here and they work on bacterial breakdown so we cant use most chemicals or any thing with bleach or antibacterials.  This works wonders and is actually the only thing that touches the build up of the dam water scale that gets on the loo.  I was using it when we lived in the suburbs mainly cause it didn't have harsh chemicals and was cheap but now its a way of life. Give it a go.

Jiff Type Cleaner
1/2 cup liquid soap (I use my home made one)
1/4 Bi-carb Soda

mix soap and bi-carb till a thick liquidy paste.
Add small amount of water to smooth consistency (personal taste.)
This does store, sometimes it may separate but just give it a shake.

So with the boys mess back in their rooms, I got a bee in my bonnet today and couldn't stand it any longer so I started those spring cleaning jobs with the jobs I had to do today.  It was the kids bathroom, floors and Laundry today.  There is definitely more to come this week including a lot of glass sliding doors.

Ian also finally bought me some soil for the veggie patch on Sunday so we have loaded that in and there are 3 more garden beds ready for my seedlings.  I also rounded up all the posts and plant protectors I could find on the property and started laying them out in what will be the herb garden.  We have and area between the house and the veggie patch that is a decent size area and at the moment just looks weedy and messy.  I cant really plant anything there because it is just all that horrible foundation rock that they use when they build the house and it would cost a fortune to get it dug out and soil brought in plus really do I want to be digging up that close to the house?  so rather than just forever be annoyed with this area I have rounded up anything that looks like it will hold soil and will be filling them with herbs.  Another tonne of soil and I should be ready to plant lots of herbs yay!

Whilst we were all out working on the garden I brought our baby chicks out for their first frolic in the sun, they had a ball.  The ducks also finally realised that the blue tarp in front of the boys room isn't actually water and found their pond.  (Did I tell you that Donald's girl friend Daisy had arrived).  they aren't quiet eat out of your hands ducks yet but they love to hang around the front of the house and if you haven't been out to chat to them for a while they start peaking through the windows  and tapping for you if they see you.

OK so my little sis Dee says to me (on-line chat) I need to learn how to crochet hair clips.  so the hunt for some patterns and some playing around with them ensued.  Here is the results (excuse the hot pink but when doing testers I use up the bitsy yarn and if it works I have little girls who love pink lol)  Have a go at them the are a great way to use up little bits of left over yarn  and any princesses in your life will love you.  You can find the patterns here and here and the other one is in my head lol.  Well that about sums up this last week.

So catchya later

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