Monday, June 22, 2009

Another Property!

We are still plodding along looking for a property. We went and looked at one in Birdwood yesterday - here's a link.

The property is absolutely georgeous, it has a creek cutting the property in 1/2, 6 good sized paddocks, The vegie garden is over grown but is fenced in which is one less job I need to do. There is a chook pen and another animal enclosure. It also has a small dam and has both mains and rain water to the house. There is good fairly new shed as well as another animal shed and a few little garden sheds. (lots of sheds for the boys). The gardens will need a bit of work - they are a bit bushy and look like the perfect spot for snakes to hide.

The house is smaller than our current house. However my view is I can fix a house but I can't fix a property. There are many options to get the house up to par, just depends on how much we have left to spend on it after we have paid for it (if we do purchase it). Even though the house is smaller it has potential for the 6 bedrooms we need and will still have a family room and lounge room. What I do like though is that the larger room is the lounge/dinning room. This house has the large room as the family/dinning room (it is huge) but when we are sitting down at the dinning table talking with friends (adults) and the kids are finished eating then they are playing in the same room us adults are in and you end up yelling above the noise of the kids. With the formal lounge being with the dinning room and the family room seperate this will be lots better.

The house only has 1 bathroom, which we had ideas how to solve this problem. Now we have seen the house it is a priority to sort out. The bathroom is very tiny (can't swing a cat). The toilet is seperate though so this is good. We could turn the laundry into a second bath room and put the laundry outside the house, if we just added the 2 extra bedrooms by taking part of the family room for them. If we actually build the 2 rooms on then we would include a bathroom in that. It all depends on how much we would have left after purchasing the place.

I am planning to go and talk to both the primary and highschool this week. There is no reason they should be able to handle my special chicklets but I would rather check before we put an offer in on the place. Will keep you updated.

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