Sunday, June 7, 2009

The New Blog begins

Well I have started this blog to record our journey to our own farm. We have made the decision to leave the burbs and move to the country, all be it the Adelaide hills which is still in distance to the burbs. After 15 years we have finally decided that looking and talking about it is not cutting it any more and after a very turmultous year we decided that now is the best time.

After pouring over "" we chose a few properties to actually look at in person. The first had handfull had 3-5 acres but very rapidly we decided that this was no where near enough land. Ian then went a bit nuts and started looking at about 100 acres. There were a few places that had potential on the web site but were rulled out when we couldn't find suitable schools for the kids in a respectable distance.

Finally there is one that stands up to most of our want list

1. With in 1 1/2hrs drive from Ians work ( He will be commuting for about 4-5 months a year)
2. Acceptable schools close by
3. more than 10 acres
4. not just flat barren land
5. Suitable water for house and animals - Dam, creek, well or bore
and the most important in the price range

The bank is coming to see us on Tues night so we can work out the best way to achieve making an offer on this property. We are planning to keep our current house and rent it out.

The next problem after working out the money is that the current owners will accept our offer. We feel the property is worth less than they are asking as there is a bit of work that we need to do to the place. Part of me thinks that we are living a pipe dream as our price is quiet a lot under the asking price but the other part of me thinks that they will accept it as they have been trying to sell it for a year and they want to move and with the govt homebuyers grant drying up soon many people are rushing to sell before that for fear of the market dropping. Well nothing much to do for now just lots of knee time.

I have been researching chooks, sheep, alpacas, grey water systems and lots more. Will keep you updated. Trying to not get to attached to this property in case it falls through.

Here is a link to the property, but shh its a secret and don't steal it! lol

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