Saturday, March 27, 2010

Can you hear the Cheering!

Yes its is now official! we sold our house and bought our Kersbrook house yesterday.  All signed, sealed and delivered.  Finally!  Here are some numbers for you - trying to get Ian out ov Vale Park - 15 years, trying to convince Ian to move to acerage 5.5 years, Seriously looking for an acerage - 18 months, number of houses made offers on and lost -3, time to sell/buy house once we thought the whole thing was a loss were walking away to start again from scratch - 4 hours!

I know Monday night the whole thing was over,  we had had two offers on our house but they were too low, the house we want to buy wouldn't budge,  Ian had asked for our deposit back and the whole thing was over.  I was devastated.  at this time a year there is nothing on the market in the Adelaide hills and it just gets worse over winter.  I really thought that we would looking at another 6-9 months at least.  Then wamo, in the space of 4 hours offers where made prices were negotiated and the whole thing was done.  We waited the 2 days cooling off and now we officially have an acerage in Kersbrook!

We will be moving in either 2 or 3 weeks - nothing like sprinting the last leg of a cross country race!  I spent friday enrolling the kids in their new school, researching heaters, buying school uniforms, telling one of the kids schools they will be leaving next thursday (last day of term).

We also have lined up 2 georgeous Border Collie puppies here are some pics. Thank-you Johnson Family!

They are both boys and currently live on a farm with a family with 4 kids.  They are very cute aren't they, and from talking to the Johnsons they seem like they will fit in beutifully with our family.  We are thinking of names.  I like Spud and Heys.  Spud is my 1st dads nickname and Heys is short for my 2nd days name - I like the idea of every time I call them I will think of both my dads! What do you think?
My mind has been going a million miles a minute,  I have the whole house packed and moved in my head - now if it was only that easy.  At night my dreams are full of wonderful gardening plans, animal rearing, spining by the fire and cooking lots of home grown/raised food.  It all sounds lovely but I know in reality it will be lots of hard work, with highs and lows, but hopefully very rewarding. 

Come ride with me on this magical carpet.  Let the Blog begin!


  1. I love the names for the dogs... That's all we ever called your dad - Uncle Spud!!!

    I'd offer to come and help you with the gardening but as I am a BLACK thumb, it would be best if I stayed away.

    Looking forward to coming and seeing your new farm.


  2. I love your idea of the names!
    Us kids always give the pups a little nick name before they leave. For the one with the full black face we call him Justin and the other one Boff.I love the one with the stripe of white on his face he has got the best ears!