Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still Waiting!

Well Auction day came and went with the expected fizzle.  Both Ian and I expected not to sell at auction, don't ask me why, call it a gut instinct.  So now we have the house on the market as a specific price.  The day after auction I got a phone call from the real-estate agent with someone who wanted to view the property and they knew the asking price.  They stayed for about 20-25 mins, the agent reports that they seemed interested, so now we just wait and see.  While this is all going on, the first date on the Kersbrook house contract has come and gone.  However the real-estate agent said not to worry but to let the contract stand and we will see how things go.  This basically means that if any offers come through on our place we will just redate the exhisting contract on Kersbrook.  All very fustrating really.

I really am starting to chaff at the bit now - I just want out of the suburbs and to start up on the farm.  I was looking forward to moving in the school holidays and the kids starting fresh at a new school at the beggining of a new term.  I was also looking forward to having winter to settle in and start on things before spring arrived.  Like planning where to put the veggie patch and get it ready for spring plantings.  This is not a small task as I plan to have a HUGE veggie patch and also a orchard. 

Well not much else to report, this must be the most boring farm blog so far with no farm stuff going on! Oh well, it will happen it's just a matter of when and where - stay tuned.

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